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This Whole Country can be Hired At Rs 46,32,600 Per Night

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Sunny Gangwal
The principality of Liechtenstein has decided to make itself available to private clients, from $70,000 a night, complete with customised street signs and temporary currency

Taking corporate-hospitality to a whole new level, the country of Liechtenstein in Central Europe made itself available for rent for Rs 4632600 per night. When rapper Snoop Dogg tried to hire the country for one of his music videos, the authorities sternly refused. The price tag includes accommodation for 150 people, although its 35,000 inhabitants would remain in the country

Visitors could also try cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe hiking to explore the picturesque landscape.
Despite all these attractions, Liechtenstein has yet to be rented out - although a couple recently came close to hiring it for their wedding until the marriage was called off.

Source:theguardian, theviralshots
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