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The Crazy Metal That Melts In Hand

Edited By
Sunny Gangwal
The Crazy Metal That Melts In Hands.

There is chemical element which does not exist in pure form in nature, known as Gallium.
Gallium is a soft-shiny-silvery metal, which melts or begins liquefying at 29.76 C or 85.57 F, slightly above room temperature.
it is a brittle solid at low temperatures.
The melting point of gallium is used as a temperature reference point.

Unlike mercury and all items on the menu at Red Lobster, Gallium is non-toxic. You could probably even swallow it, as it has been incorporated into some pharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceuticals for medical applications, but I wouldn't recommend it unless there are a lot of dollars (or more preferably handjobs) attached to doing so.

All gallium available for public acquisition appears to be 99.99% pure, which trumps Ivory soap at 99.44%. It is sold by the gram on Amazon in quantities ranging from 10 to 500.Like us on fb for more interesting stories:
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The Crazy Metal That Melts In Hand
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