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The Engineer who Quit his Job to help Farmers!

Edited By
Sunny Gangwal
He(Anirudh Prasadh) was born in Chennai, and spent a major part of his life in Maharashtra for completing his engineering in al field. After completing his engineering, he went to Manchester for a Masters degree in Chemical Process Design and got a great job when he came back to India.

After a successful career he decided to quit and remained unemployed for three months to figure out what he wanted to do.

Anirudh started his work in a remote region of Kolli Hills, to help framers where he saw people working hard to incentivise the millet production and its associated market. The millet packaging however was not up to the mark; it was costly and did not look attractive in spite of significant investment. Packaging reduced the quality of the final product and the stakeholders were completely cut off from current market realities.

Anirudh set up a meeting with the Federation and worked to improve the brand name, redesign the existing logo and get the packaging costs down. Thanks to his intervention, the cost of packaging has come down by 40%, including the stickers. he also works in hygiene of village, installed Tippy Taps (small water containers to wash hands) in the schools and gave ownership of these Tippy Taps to the students.

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