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He drives a tempo instead, but he can be international boxing champion.

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Sunny Gangwal
He first entered a boxing when he(Mrunal Bhosale) was just 12 years old.

Since then, he has not looked back, spends lots of time his life with his passion.But Bhosale is not as much as like who get to achieve their dreams without much hindrance.

He was born in financially weak family, where his father works at a hardware workshop and mom is a homemaker, taking up a sport full time was not easy. But he didn't let his dreams die.As he grew older, his passion for the sport became stronger.

He drove a goods carrier tempo to run his living expenses. He was also completing his Bachelors degree from Pune and, in his spare time, he took up many part time jobs to earn a little extra. From putting up hoardings on streets to selling DTH connections, Bhosale accepted every job that came his way.

Bhosale's hardwork finally goe achievement when he won the Bronze medal at the National championship in the 64kg category in January this year.

Though this 28 year old medal holder has proved his calibre in boxing, but he is still waiting for the right opportunity and recognition to come his way. He might be the next boxing sensation, but for many, he is just a tempowallah.

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