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This Kathak Dancer Changed Sex For Pakistani Lover

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He turned Meera for his 'Krishna' from Pakistan

A Lucknow-based, Kathak dancer has undergone sex change surgery to live a normal life with Pakistani beloved, Rizwan, braving opposition. Gaurav had undergone three operations to become Meera.

With the help of two Mumbai-based doctors, he has successfully transformed into a girl.
"It began on a very usual note about five years ago," Gaurav, now renamed Meera, told TOI from Mumbai where she is right now to meet surgeon Dr Mithlesh Mitra, who operated upon her.

Meera said she grew up normal, had affairs with women and was about to marry when she met Rizwan over a social networking site in connection with her PhD.The topic was Sufism.
they chatted online too much,"A time came when we started feeling that we are an extension of each other's soul," said Meera, who has never met Rizwan and is likely to meet him when he visits her in March.

source: timesofindia

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