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This 24-year-old Young Officer Quits Comfy IAS Job To Teach Students For Free

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24-year-old, holding doctor and IAS degrees, quits to become an e-tutor for free

At the age of 24, Roman Saini has already achieved everything he possibly can:
He had completed his graduation from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) , cracked civil services exam and got a post of an assistant district collector.

With the vision of providing free education, He decided to quit his coveted job and start providing free education to the UPSE aspirants.
He along with his friend(Gaurav Munjal) has introduced 'Unacademy', an online teaching website.
'Unacademy' is now India's one of the largest YouTube channels with 1.1 crore lessons delivered and over 5 Lakh students benefited," he said.


source: dnaindia

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