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In This Village A Newly-Wed Couple can Become Brother-Sister

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In yet another weird diktat, a khap panchayat in Haryana's Hisar district has ordered a newly-wed couple to break their marriage and start living as brother and sister.

Navin Kumar who belong to Sangha gotra married Babita who belong to Bura gotra on December at Sulkhani village in Hisar district after their families brought them together.

Now according to khap panchayat, this marriage marriage will have to be annulled as their gotras are in what is known as 'bhaichara' and that they are brother and sister for all practical purposes.

The panchayat president Hari Narayan has warned boy's family of social boycott if they don't follow the diktat.The panchayat members were putting pressure to cancel this marriage and making Newly-Wed Couple to become Brother Sister for all practical purposes.


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