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WTF!! Government Official Wearing 'Clean Ganga' Tshirt, Caught Urinating In The River!

Edited By
Sunny Gangwal

'Clean Ganga' t-shirt wearing bureaucrat caught urinating at Triveni Sangam
Is the government of Uttar Pradesh on the same page as the NDA Government at the Centre in realizing the dream objective of 'Namami Ganga' Mission?

Apparently,A senior government official(Allahabad Additional District Magistrate (ADM)) O.P. Srivastava was caught on camera, urinating at the confluence of three rivers. 'Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati' popularly known as Triveni Sangam.
The irony of the entire situation is that Srivastava is seen wearing a 'Clean Ganga' t-shirt while committing this shameful act.


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