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What are some things that Amazon does that would surprise people?

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This was Question asked on Quora. One of the quora user 'Luv' replied on this. He told his experiences with Amazon which was just Amazing!!.
No one could ever imagine that Amazon would do all these things.
Here is full Story told by this (quora + amazon) user

While my all the experiences with amazon have always made me feel special(Thanks to their best customer service in Indian E-Commerce market) but two incidents happened last year which I would never forget. Both of these incidents date back to time time of Diwali last year

This answer is gonna be long!

Incident 1:

I am an avid Twitter user. It was Nov 5, 2015 and like always I was going through my twitter account and suddenly I saw some tweets of Amazon reply to customers that they will do something special for them this Diwali. that obviously made me curious and I started looking upon all the tweets to which they replied and all were like I am alone here and there not with family, like that. So I too tried my luck and tweeted Amazon with no hope of getting a reply.

and the next morning on Nov 6 i got the same reply which others were getting but still not amazed. I thought it was just a regular Diwali wish and nothing else but I did sent them my details for 1 % hope I had that there will be something special. And yes something special did happened. On Nov 12 I received a phone call from a courier guy that he has an amazon parcel of mine. I had forgot all about that tweet(the reason will be mentioned in Incident 2) and just received the courier after telling the courier guy that I didn't ordered anything but he said its mine. Opened the box and inside was a Thanks letter from amazon along with a big box of Haldiram Snacks.(I lost all its pics but still manged to get the screenshot of thanks letter from my twitter)

Some might find snacks box not a big deal but that letter and snacks really made me feel very special. In India where I didn't have many good experiences with other E-Commerce sites regarding things which I paid for, here I was treated like a King though I didn't owe them anything.

Incident 2:

On Nov 10, 2015 I received a Rs.1000 EGV from amazon. I thought it was sent due to that tweet of them and felt very happy about it. I tweeted them thanking for it but didn't get any reason in reply for what it was.

But it was not due to that twitter incident as I received the gift for that on Nov 12 as mentioned above. I thought they might be sending both things to the people they tweeted but when I inquired from other twitter fellows it wasn't the case. This again made me feel so special they they were also wishing Diwali with those type of gestures to random people.
Both of these incidents have made me an Amazon Fan!


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