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Doctors Mistook This 22-year-old Girl's Cancer As Pregnancy

Edited By
Sunny Gangwal

Demi, 22-year-old from U.K. has died on 23-Feb-2016 from an aggressive form of cancer.

Last November, Demi began experiencing pains in her side. When she went to the doctor, they found she was emitting human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone emitted during pregnancy.

Doctors thought Demi might be pregnant, and they scheduled an ultrasound for her.

After ultrasound they didn't find any baby and then performed laparoscopic surgery to find out the correct problem. Later they found that Demi had a tumor spreading through her body.

Even after knowing her disease she never looked depressed. But doctors could not saved her life and she died.

source : buzzfeed

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