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Some lesser Known/Interesting Facts about Delhi Metro Which You must Know!

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1.The Female voice of the Delhi Metro - Rini Simon Khanna (Speaks in English)

The Male voice of the Delhi Metro - Shammi Narang (Speaks in Hindi)

2. No dustbins

The DMRC stations and platforms look spick and span despite the fact that there are no dustbins anywhere (apart from the restaurants).

3. Neutral Zones

You call them power cuts, DMRC calls them power shifts! The momentary power lapses where lights and AC go off at certain stations are actually 'power shifts'. These designated sub-stations a.k.a. neutral zones supply power to the metro since it can not get the required 25000 volts from a single station.

4. Even number of coaches

Ever seen a metro with 5 or 7 coaches? No chance of that happening. This is because DMRC rails have 2 types of coaches, namely the 'driver car' and the 'motor car'. They serve as one unit and cannot be used separately. Hence, Delhi metros have either 6 or 8 coaches. Always!

5. Journey ke saath bhi, journey ke baad bhi

DMRC takes care of your journey even after you deboard the train. A lot of metro stations provide bicycles on rent for as meagre as Rs 10 for 4 hours. Just don't forget to carry a valid ID proof!

6. DMRC Smart Card

Largely unknown, DMRC and ICICI bank got together to launch a DMRC debit card which has an auto recharge facility and gives 10 % discount on metro fare and shops at metro stations. Oh, did we mention cash back offers and reward points? Happy travelling!

7. Sari Guard feature of escalators

Delhi metro commuters are always in a hurry and DMRC realises that. Apart from the emergency stop button, the DMRC escalators also have asari guard feature that deflects loose clothing from getting trapped.

8. Assistance for visually impaired

Apart from scrubbing your shoes clean on them, these broad yellow strips running on the Delhi Metro platforms serve a better purpose. These yellow tactile strips are the pathways for the visually impaired commuters, leading them directly to the lifts and to the exits.

9. Wheelchair friendly

All stations have ramps built right at the entrance to help wheelchair-bound people to roll themselves around the station. This again shows how methodologically the Delhi Metro stations have been built.

10. Distance covered by Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro network consists of a total of 200 trains covering a total distance of 69,000 kms every day. To put things into perspective, the earth's total circumference is 40,075 kms!


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