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India's 10-richest business hieresses! #Get Inspired

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These ladies have been making a mark like their dads in the industry as well. And it also looks like they are loaded, a lot!

Here goes the list:

$.Isha Ambani (Rs. 1.3 lakh crores)

$. Kavya Maran - Sun Group Company(Rs. 15000 crores)

$. Ananyashree Birla - Birla Company (Rs. 61000 crores)

$.Vanisha Mittal - Hoding Mittal Steel Company (Rs. 88000 crores)

$.Jayanti Chauhan - Owner of Soft drinks(Thumps Up) Company (Rs. 1000 crores)

$.Roshni Nadar - CEO, HCL (6-billion dollar)

$. Nisa Godrej - executive director, Godrej ( 5.2 billion dollar)

$. Avni Biyanin ( 1.3 Billion dollar )

$.Piya Singh ( 400 million dollar)

$.Lakshmi Venu (Vice president of TVS motors)


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