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These Are The TOP 10 Brilliant Foreign Movies But Never Released In India

Edited By
Sunny Gangwal

1. Requiem for a dream (2000)

Requiem for a Dream is a 2000 American psychological drama film directed by Darren Aronofsky.
The film depicts four different forms of drug addiction, which lead to the characters' imprisonment in a world of delusion and reckless desperation that is subsequently overtaken by reality, thus leaving them as hollow shells of their former selves.

2. The pianist (2002)

The Pianist is a 2002 historical drama film co-produced and directed by Roman Polanski.
The story had deep connections with director Roman Polanski because he escaped from the Krakow Ghetto as a child after the death of his mother. He ended up living in a Polish farmer's barn until the war's end. His father almost died in the camps, but they reunited after the end of World War II.
The Pianist won Oscars.

3. Spirited away (2002)

Spirited Away is a 2001 Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
Story based on a sullen ten-year-old girl who, while moving to a new neighborhood, enters the spirit world. After her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba (Natsuki), Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba's bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and return to the human world.

4. Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy is a 2003 South Korean mystery thriller neo-noir film directed by Park Chan-wook.
The film follows the story of Oh Dae-su, who is locked in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing the identity of his captor or his captor's motives. When he is finally released, Dae-su finds himself still trapped in a web of conspiracy and violence. His own quest for vengeance becomes tied in with romance when he falls in love with an attractive young female sushi chef.

5. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a 2004 American romantic science-fiction comedy-drama film about an estranged couple who have erased each other from their memories, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry.

6. Pan's labyrinth (2006)

Pan's Labyrinth, originally known in Spanish as El Laberinto del Fauno (The Labyrinth of the Faun), is a 2006 Spanish-Mexican dark fantasy film written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.
The story takes place in Spain in May-June 1944, five years after the Spanish Civil War, during the early Francoist period.

7. Into the wild (2007)

Into the Wild is a 2007 American biographical drama survival film written and directed by Sean Penn.

8. No country for old men (2007)

No Country for Old Men is a 2007 American neo-Western thriller film directed, written, and edited by Joel and Ethan Coen.
It tells the story of a Texas welder and Vietnam veteran to whom chance and greed deliver a fate that is neither wanted nor denied

9. The secret in their eyes (2010)

The Secret in Their Eyes (Spanish: El secreto de sus ojos) is a 2009 Argentine crime thriller film directed, produced and edited by Juan Jose Campanella.

10. Under The Skin (2013)

Under the Skin is a 2013 British-American science fiction-horror art film directed by Jonathan Glazer.

source : storypick

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